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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

sekarang aku dah nampak kelebihan form 6 and i have no regret!

ala ade typing error lak untuk title takpelah ekkk.Teruskan klik! :))
so cuteeeeeeeee.

Hai si cantik dan si kacak, ceh ayat kak Yuyu, alhamdulillah, akhirnya berakhir juga exam muet aku.Hari ni exam aku paper speaking je. Je? Even JE, its freaking out okeyh, so nervous and mengigil and ade juga repeating points, the "err" things and bubbling, even tips dalam buka kata avoid saying errr, ehm, sampai mati pun aku tak boleh nak elakkan .

Bile aku attend exam tadi, kebanyakan candidates pelajar u dan kolej, other than that , aku tak taw lah.And bile aku berborak borak dengan mek mek kelate tadi, hehe, pelajar usim, aku rasa aku dah nampak kelebihan form 6 daripada universiti.

aku rasa as a preuniversity students which is form 6, i think we're more advantageous than university students because we, form 6 students, are provided with appropriate muet study with qualified TESL teachers.In my view i think university students are so poor in muet because they have no guides who can help and testing them.so now i feel, i will have no regret choosing Form 6. #rawr... *if you notice some errors, please kindly comment me, so i can correct it, and this can be my supplementary exercise? :))

haha, broken english, ceh just trying.Kalau ade salah ape ape, kindly comment aku, keh? 


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Anonymous said...

really?we got an experience lecturers too which is professor that lead us in muet pre-test.we also practice alot and using a book as a guide.i think both of us got the same advantages.matriculation students got time also to practice muet which is their lecturers use an english period to practicing muet.so,there's no way you can say they are poor in muet.many of us got band 4-6.so ,there's no problem as long as you work hard dear :D.
your certificate of STPM is really worth for find job too unlike matriculation.you really have a big advantage! :D you can say diploma and stpm's student is quiet similar.sorry for the deep comment.btw your blog is cute and dope!