Friday, May 24, 2013

Repent .

Yes , sometimes , when I feeling so down , I just need something to read . Just to boost me up . As for me , I love to read those tweets , which contains comforting Quran's quotes .

Atau bahasa mudahnya , Quran code . Yes , when I feeling so down , yes , when I can't even do some salah , I'll read those tweets , those tweets seriously encouraging and comforting . Sometimes , its drives tears .

I forget Allah when I'm happy .

I crawling to Him when I'm sad .

He still listen to me . Kalau tak he will never give me hidayah , which is read those tweets several times.

Please peoples , nowadays too much youngsters died in early age . Repents yourself , and so do I .

I'll try my best to cover my self . I'm still the worst slave ever . Still wear that tight jeans and shirts. Yes , still .

If I do have some chances , I'll make myself better . Insyaallah .

I just know about this blog existence . Read some and you'll get addicted -

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