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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Quick little update before I perform my salah .

I just wanna say a thing , which is , don't ever make a girl feel used to it and its will you to meaningless r/ships. My ex bf treat me as a mature partner , which is not texting 24/7 , not been clingy , rarely dating eventhough we're not so long distance . At the first , its hurt . But once I used to it , its nothing . The relationship gap goes step by step . At once , I didn't care abt not texting but do hurt . Later on , who's care if you're online but didn't whatsapp ? You're calling but its empty . I do feel empty and is it my kind of r/ships ? Boring ? But whats make me still with it, I love him. I do love him . But when its come to used to it, I became heartless , and I don't care . I really do , so here's of my relationship ending after a year and 1 months maybe ? 

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