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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Answer to a question : Asasi di MSU

Hai semua orang . A quick update just to show I'm exist . Hehe

Sekarang tengah final weeks , and tomorrow are my first paper. Tadi bukak dashboard , ada comments , which I think , I should reply to this , sbb too many peoples asking me privately about MSU . So I decide to create a label or tag which answer to serious question ! 

Saya merupakan pelajar Ijazah dalam Perniagaan Antarabangsa , or more known as Bachelor in International Business . Subjek saya okaylah , sebab saya baru dua sem kan, so masih belum rasa susah sangat , well nothing susah kalau u minat .

Saya tak amek dip , saya tak amek foundation , saya amek STPM . Okay kalau asasi , at least you kena siap 10k by yourself sbb MARA atau PTPTN tak cover foundation course . Kalau diploma , diorg tanggung setakat 20k. Dan kalau degree , depends on your parents pays .Either you dapat half atau full pinjaman .  

Korang , kalau ada nak tanya pape , don't hesitate k . I will never reply to comment form sbb mcm takde org baca . So I create this label , to make things more easier . Feel free to ask ok , and I kan takde chatbox , so gmail and comment will doing fine. Kalau u email , I reply . Kalau u comment , I up post terus k .

To know more , ziarah lah website MSU . Hope it helps a bit , bye :D

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